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SumaGroulx Biosoil Enhancers

SumaGroulx increases yield
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Cut fertilizer cost at least 50% in the first year, up to 100% the second year, all while enjoying a 5 to 35 percent yield increase!

SumaGroulx™ is a sustainable, organic, all natural, environmentally friendly, non-GMO, non-pathogenic microbial "cocktail" in a base of liquid humates. SumaGroulx™ has had excellent results on a variety of crops, in multiple soil types, increasing yield and nutrient value while reducing and / or eliminating fertilizer. SumaGroulx™ makes the soil healthier, so it works in all environments. This allows crops to reach their full genetic potential-increasing crop yields; decreasing inputs and bio remediating the soil.

Advantages and benefits include

  • Convert bound soil phosphorus into available phosphorus.
  • Significant Fertilizer Reduction or elimination in all crops tested.
  • Earlier Flowering, Earlier maturation.
  • Better Stress Tolerance - Drought, Insects, Disease, Transplant, Wind.
  • Better Water Holding Capacity.
  • Builds Soil Organic Matter.
  • Increase Carbon Sequestration.